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NFB Chris Park Telescoping Cane

Chris Park Telescoping Cane

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This 5-section carbon-fiber white telescoping cane contains a smooth handle, wrist loop and a steel, push-on style metal glide tip. Functions best as a light-duty or back-up mobility cane. This style cane uses friction to hold each section in place. so it is important to  extend each section fully and twist firmly until tightened before using. The cane is not functional until each section has been extended and tightened. If you notice one section beginning to collapse during use, stop and re-tighten before ;proceeding. To collapse the cane correctly, untwist each section before sliding them together. To prevent inadvertently cracking the cane, do not forcibly collapse it.

Replacement tips for this cane can be found here: https://adaptations.org/products/ct415