Ambutech Graphite Telescoping Cane in three panels, one showing the full cane, the second showing the bottom telescoping section, and the third showing the 8mm threaded roller tip.

Ambutech Graphite Telescoping Cane

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The Ambutech telescoping cane is infinitely adjustable over a full extended range. Made of two graphite telescoping sections which can be locked at any preferred length by holding the bottom section and turning the top clockwise. When the user feels tension, the joint is locked in place and the cane is ready for use. Simply turn the top section counterclockwise to loosen and slide the cane back down to its collapsed length when finished.

  • Available in two lengths: Medium (extending from 31 to 59 inches) and Long (36 to 69 inches)
  • Threaded rolling marshmallow tip included
  • Other 8mm threaded tips are available for purchase