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explorē 7 Handheld Electronic Magnifier

explorē 7 Handheld Electronic Magnifier

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Note: This product is shipped without a manufacturer's warranty. Adaptations' 14-day return policy is still in effect, but the product will not be warranted beyond that period.

HumanWare's hand-held explore 7 pocket magnifier packs a true-to-life HD screen and camera with user-friendly features into a durable aluminum housing, giving mild- to medium-severe low-vision users a complete reading and viewing experience. Guided by 25+ years of sight aid experience, the explore 7's LED-lit, seven-inch screen provides 2.3-19x magnification and more than 12 contrast and color modes to accommodate virtually any low-vision magnification needs.


Bringing the World into Focus:

HumanWare's flagship portable vision aid was developed by low-vision users for low-vision users, thus the electronic magnifier is instantly ready to use with virtually no lag-time. These capabilities will ensure that the unit becomes a key part of your daily routine.

However, explore 7 does so much more than electronic magnification. The electronic vision aid utilizes the on-board HD camera to provide a "Far Distance Mode" for limited, longer-distance viewing. When held up like a camera, explore 7 enables you to magnify and read street and business signs, menu boards and even find keys on a cluttered countertop -- things that may have given you pause before!

Less than one pound, the ultra-portable explore 7 can be held and operated with two thumbs, and its sleek design won't look out-of-place in a world full of WiFi-equipped tablets and over-sized smartphones! The unit carries four, front-mount buttons (on/off, zoom in/out, freeze frame and color scheme) for quick, discreet operation. Freeze frame holds an image for closer inspection and the unit even has a TV output to transfer your magnified image to a TV screen.

HumanWare explore 7 Features and Benefits


  • Robust construction -- The aluminum housing and reading stand are ready for daily wear-and-tear while providing a high-quality feel missing from plastic encased viewers.
  • Limited distance viewing -- Magnify images from 2.7 to 236.2 feet away! Perfect for business signs, airport terminal boards and more.
  • Reading stand -- Foldable metal reading stand makes it easy to navigate over newspapers and other large documents.
  • Long-lasting battery -- Provides up to five hours of continuous use and features an energy-saving mode that powers off the unit after three minutes of non-use.
  • Intuitive design -- Large freeze-frame, zoom and contrast buttons are exactly where you need them to swiftly magnify an image and move on.
  • 12 text color options -- In addition to the standard black-text-on-white-field, highly contrasting schemes such as black on yellow are available to aid readability. User preferences can be saved.
  • Fully accessorized -- explore 7 comes with an AC (home) power adapter, HDMI cable, user manual and protective case. 

HumanWare explore 7 Specifications

  • Model number:
  • Manufacturer: HumanWare
  • Unit dimensions (H x W x L): 1 inch x 7.7 inches x 5.5 inches
  • Screen: (matte finish)
  • Battery: Li-Polymer
  • Charge time: 4 hours (unit off) 5 hours (unit on)
  • Battery life between charges: 5 hours (continuous use)
  • Operating Temperature range: 50 to 104 F
  • Operating Humidity range: 20 to 80%
  • Note: Only sold in the U.S.