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SleepPhones Classic

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SleepPhones are headphones with speakers that rest inside of a headband, allowing you to lay on your side comfortably without earbuds or headphones digging into your head.
SleepPhones are perfect for light sleepers, people who suffer from ringing in the ears' or people with a snoring bed partner. Also great for travel, listening to podcasts, audiobooks, nature sounds, binaural beats, etc.

Fabric Options

• Fleece headband: Super soft, luxurious, and warm. Ideal for sleeping, relaxing, meditating, and everyday use. (95% polyester, 5% spandex)
• Breeze headband: Breathable and moisture-wicking. Ideal for running and exercising. Preferred by hot sleepers and those who live in warm climates.(95% polyester, 5% spandex)

SleepPhones Classic are equipped with a 3.5mm plug. Some devices will need an adapter to be compatible.

• Compatible with any device that incorporates a standard 1/8th inch (3.5 mm) audio jack
• Flexible 4-foot (48 inch) stereo audio cord
• Removable speakers in a hypoallergenic, machine washable fabric headband
• Pre-shrunk and non-pilling material
• Free sleep sound online downloads and free iPhone app
• One-year limited warranty