LightHouse Pride T-Shirt (Front)
LightHouse Pride T-Shirt (Back)

LightHouse Pride T-Shirt

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Wear your LightHouse affiliation with pride! This year's LightHouse Pride T-shirt is white, and features a pair of sunglasses with the Pride/BIPOC/Trans flag in the lenses. with a white cane leaning off to the left side from the glasses’ frame on the front. Underneath is “Be Seen” in black print. Under that is “Be Seen” in orange (non-raised) braille dots. On the back, is the LightHouse logo. Below that is “LightHouse” in (non-raised) uncontracted braille, with each letter being a different color of the rainbow.

  • 100% cotton
  • Available in sizes ranging from Small to 3XL