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Locator Dots + Dashes (12 pc)

Locator Dots + Dashes (12 pc)

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Locator-Dots, also called Loc-Dots, are tactile markers designed for use by individuals who are blind or have low vision.

This new set of locator dots features 4 of the standard single dot locator dots, 4 of the new double dots (side by side), and 4 of a longer dash style. Each dot measures 3/16th an inch, with the raised portion of the dot measuring 1/16 inch (the dash measures approx. 1/8 inch).

These plastic, adhesive-backed dots are clear and can be used to mark light switches, oven controls, house keys, alarm clocks, telephones, tape recorders, etc. Multiple combinations of these dots and dashes can be used to differentiate similar items from each other.

They can also be used as keytop overlays to designate certain keys on a computer keyboard.

Stick them to any clean surface where a tactile marking will prove helpful.