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Now in one convenient, easy-to-carry 5.5 X 8.5 Braille booklet, the Adaptations Store is excited to introduce the 2024 LightHouse Braille calendar - useful book of dates - and so much more.

Each two-page spread contains a monthly calendar in the top left quadrant, followed by themes commonly attributed to each month. Some months contain only one or two themes, while others contain several. Finally, holidays are listed in chronological order. We took this portion of the calendar to new heights by including common US holidays, as well as upcoming dates for religious observances, national blindness-oriented conference and convention dates, commemorative recognition of some noteworthy blind people who have impacted the lives of many, and even a celebratory LightHouse-specific date or two.

Now all the information you need from a calendar is bundled together in one place for easy reference. These make great stocking stuffers for a friend or a loved one who is blind as well.