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Tactile Intersection Diagrams: Braille, Large Print & Tactile Graphics - Comb Bound

Tactile Intersection Diagrams: Braille, Large Print & Tactile Graphics - Comb Bound

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Many of the concepts associated with intersection design and street crossings are abstract and difficult for students with congenital visual impairments to grasp. Detailed tactile intersection diagrams can help students better understand those abstract concepts by making them tangible. O&M Instructors can use these diagrams to facilitate discussions about intersection design, the movement of vehicles, lane-by-lane scanning patterns, and other topics such as street crossing recovery while working remotely or indoors. They can also be used as a supplement to onsite instruction and can be used as the platform for any number of innovative remote or indoor lessons for all students, including those with adventitious vision loss.

What's in the package?

  • A set of 13 detailed tactile diagrams of intersections, including simple, intermediate, and advanced intersection designs. Comes with Key and explanatory info sheet Comb Bound.
  • A tactile diagram key
  • Newly expanded lesson plans
  • The diagrams are printed on 8.5x11" standard Braille paper, with both large print and braille text. The diagram key is separate for easy reference.

Intersection shapes:

  • 4-way stop sign
  • Basic stoplight
  • Multilane basic stoplight
  • 2 pocket turn lanes
  • 4 pocket turn lanes
  • Dedicated turn lanes
  • 1 one-way street
  • 2 one-way streets
  • T-shaped intersection
  • 4 right-turn islands
  • Pedestrian scramble
  • Roundabout

Note: The attached image shows the pages arranged separately; the actual product will be comb-bound.