Sign template testing Braille on a Stair exit sign.
Print specs of the signage template.
a closeup photo of the sign template itself, in purple.
Sign template displaying distance between lines.
Sign template displaying distance between letters.
Sign template displaying appropriate size of raised text..
Close-up of the signage template in blue.

ADA Signage Check Template for Braille and Raised Text

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Attention sign makers, architects, contractors, and ADA inspectors: Do you struggle with accessible signage? Familiar with the codes, but unclear on exact dimensions and measurements? You're not alone. Accessible signage is not well understood, and non-compliant signage is not uncommon. But this handy ADA Signage Check Template for Braille and Raised Text will ensure that the dimensions and spacing of tactile elements on your signage comply with 2010 ADA Standards and 2019 California Building Code, Ch. 11B. Together with the included illustrated card explaining usage you'll gain newfound knowledge to help you design the best accessible signs. Improve your knowledge and awareness of accessible signage! Don't inadvertently create access barriers!


Measures Braille dimensions and spacing*, and most common measurements that need to be taken on ADA/CBC signage. [*based on “CA Braille” spacing. See 2016 CBC Ch. 11B-703.3.1]
Dimensions: 3 ¼” x ½”. Comes with 8 ½” x 11” illustrated card explaining usage.