Bop It Button in classic '90s colors (teal, purple, and black)
Bop It Button in classic '90s colors (teal, purple, and black) in its box

Bop It Button (Exclusive Partnership with LightHouse)

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AVAILABLE NOW! Get the first ever Bop It Button exclusively from Adaptations!


Bop It fans from the ‘90’s and 2000’s - announcing a new and exciting Bop It game that sits on your desk or table and is filled with your favorite Bop It sounds and phrases from the last 25 years! A 1 BUTTON BOP IT? It looks like the “Easy Button” but it’s anything but easy! It’s a brand new, deceptively challenging,1 button version of the classic that requires intense focus as you try to master multiple levels! 

HOW TO PLAY: Try to obey the commands “Bop It…Don’t Bop It…DO Bop It… Do NOT Bop It”. But beware - as you progress the timing and rhythm changes and your brain is put to the Bop-ultimate test!

PLAY SOLO OR GROUP: Play the fun and intense solo game through 25 levels- or put it in the center of the table and play the fastest Bop It pass-it game ever for up to 10 people!

THE LONGER YOU BOP, THE MORE SOUNDS YOU UNLOCK: Contains over 150 sounds and phrases from 25 years of Bop It! 

THE PERFECT 90’S DESKTOP DECOR: Display it on your desk to give your room or office a touch of classic 90’s nostalgia! It’s always ready for you to take a quick Bop It Break!

FOR FANS OF ALL AGES AND ABILITIES : It’s the most accessible Bop It ever- the first for those with limited dexterity - recommended for ages 6 and up. 

When batteries need replacement, Bop It uses 2 AAA batteries. 

Product colors may vary from that pictured, and are chosen randomly.

The proceeds from all sales of Bop It Buttons go towards the LightHouse for the Blind and Visually Impaired in San Francisco