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Custom TMAP

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TMAP tactile street maps embellished with customizations (e.g., user specified POI and labeling, buildings, and other features not typically included on TMAP tactile street maps).

TMAP generates tactile street maps centered on a user specified address, but sometimes other types of maps are needed (e.g., college campuses) or additional features and details are desired. In such cases TMAP maps serve as a template that our design team customizes to meet your needs. Customizations can range from low-, to medium-, to high-complexity. Uncertain which Version to order? Ask our product specialist! Your map request will be carefully considered, and we'll make a recommendation about which version to order.

What's in the package?

  • Map/s of the user specified location
  • A tactile map key
  • An introductory page
  • All materials are printed on sheets of embossed paper and include ink / large print labels in addition to braille. (sheet size is determined by map location)