Vibrating Liquid Level Indicator, orange, three prongs, screw-to-open battery compartment

Vibrating Liquid Level Indicator

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A liquid level indicator is a great tool for anyone having difficulty pouring liquid or helpful for those working in the food service industry.

In addition to producing an audible sound, this liquid level indicator vibrates, making it useful for those who may be Deaf/Blind, or for anyone unable to hear the audible indicator.

Before using, remove the small plastic guard from the prongs (slide it all the way off and set it aside) then place the unit on the rim of your cup. As soon as liquid comes into contact with all 3 probes, the unit will vibrate and you will hear a delicate, tinkling sound.

After using, hand-wash prongs only - do not submerge unit in water or place in dishwasher, When finished, slide the small plastic guard back over the prongs before returning the unit to storage.

Batteries included [uses Four (4) L1154f batteries]