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Accessible talking maps and GPS for the BrailleNote Apex and Braille Sense Navigation

Sendero Group expands the power of accessible location information for BrailleNote Apex and Braille Sense Navigation products with Sendero Maps and GPS.

Sendero Maps and GPS allows the user to have fun exploring the environment and to develop location literacy in the process. Sendero Maps can be used for virtual map exploration or can be upgraded to have GPS capabilities so that you can also have real-time location information as you travel through your environment.

With an intuitive user interface and the power of the BrailleNote Apex and Braille Sense, accessible maps and GPS are at your fingertips. Just type a destination, select a route and you are on your way. Sendero Maps and GPS enables you to:

  • Record personal Points of Interest (POI) and add rich audio content like restaurant menus or museum descriptions. Effortlessly share these POI's in real-time when you sync with the Sendero servers or your Sendero GPS or Sense Navigation product.
  • Hear your direction of travel. Check the odometer for distance traveled.
  • Search the database of 15 million Points Of Interest in North America for everything from airports to zoos and choose one as your destination.
  • Create and follow a route to that destination. Or turn on the manual route creation and create the route while you explore the maps.
  • Easily save and print or emboss routes to take with you or to share.