Smartphone held in a woman's hand, "tap to talk" on bottom third of the flat screen
Smartphone with an arrow pointing down from the top left of the screen, then to the bottom right.
RealSAM Pocket phone with "talk now" text written on the bottom of the screen, audio waveform in the center.

RealSAM Pocket Smartphone

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A revolutionary voice operated smartphone for people who are blind or visually impaired

Are you struggling using conventional smartphones because you can’t find what you are looking for? Are the apps’ icons too small to see? Are the accessibility features too difficult to use? Or perhaps you can’t add a contact by voice?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, we may have a solution for you. With RealSAM Pocket, you can make calls, communicate with messages, listen to books or other media and get assistance just by using your voice. No need to learn complicated touch screens, look for the apps that are hiding on a screen, or struggle with reading small buttons; just tap on the screen and talk.

With RealSAM Pocket You Can

  • Make & receive calls
  • Send & receive messages
  • Add contacts by voice
  • Get assistance from sighted volunteers with Be My Eyes
  • Read text with OCR, including handwriting
  • Use video magnifier
  • Identify objects
  • Learn about your environment with location services
  • Stay on top of your appointments and tasks with reminders
  • Enjoy information tools such as global time and weather
  • Stream books, podcasts, radio & newspaper

What makes RealSAM Pocket different from other smartphones

Easy to Use

Unlike other phones, there's no need to learn complex accessibility gestures, shuffle through small app icons or remember commands. RealSAM Pocket offers guidance on the go.

Voice Operated

Simply tap on the screen and say what you want the phone to do for you, such as "Call Ben," "Add a contact," "Where am I?" "Remind me to call the Dr in 2 hours" or "Find books by Jack London."

Hearing Aid Compatible

RealSAM Pocket can be connected to hearing aids and other Bluetooth devices. If you use, Phonak hearing aids, you can connect directly. For other Bluetooth-enabled hearing aids, you may need to use a streaming device.

Unlocked for any Mobile Carrier

RealSAM Pocket is completely unlocked and compatible with any US mobile carrier. You can choose whatever mobile carrier or plan that fits your needs.


What people are saying about RealSAM Pocket

“As the former leader of the most comprehensive vocational rehabilitation center in the world, we are often asked for a piece of technology for seniors and those who have disabilities that limit a person’s ability to remember complex commands and gestures. We have not previously found a solution that would fit that order, until now. The RealSAM Pocket is truly a simple talking solution for those suffering with vision loss. Whether you are totally blind or dealing with low vision, the RealSAM will allow you to have access to the applications needed to remain or regain your highest levels of independence.” - Sharon Giovinazzo, former President/CEO, World Services for the Blind, AR; CEO Lighthouse for the Blind and VIsually Impaired San Francisco, CA

"I am crazy about RealSAM Pocket and amazed how easy it is to use from the get go. I had Lively and Jitterbug and they were driving me crazy. They were promoted for visually challenged people but I couldn't use menus and needed help from sighted people. Even an iPhone was a pain to use even though I loved Siri. RealSAM Pocket is a blessing." - James F., Vietnam Era Veteran, Las Vegas NV

“The single button and voice controls are impressive and simple to use” - Graeme I., UK

“Testing this product, I found the Tap and Speak protocol for controlling RealSam Pocket was easy to adapt to and worked smoothly.” - Michael C., TX

What’s in the Box

  • RealSAM Device
    • Everything is set up. All you need is to connect your RealSAM Pocket to WiFi or insert a SIM card.
  • Case, Screen Protector & Lanyard
    • A bumper case with a lanyard and a screen protector attached to the screen to keep your phone safe and always at hand.
  • Charger & Cable
    • A wall charging plug and USB cable.
    • SIM Card Tool
    • A small tool you'll need to open the SIM card port and insert a SIM card from your preferred provider.
  • Quick Start Guide
    • A 2-sided guide with easy instructions and key phrases to use with Pocket.