Leather Band Talking Atomic Watch

Talking Atomic Watch - Leather Band

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This Talking Atomic Watch allows you to enjoy the convenience of hearing the time announced at the press of a button. This talking atomic watch features a clear announcement of time, date, day of week, alarm status and more in a male voice. The Reizen Talking Atomic Watch also sets itself and includes adjusting for daylight savings time, so you do not have to worry about it.

This Talking Atomic Watch also offers a large face with bold black numbers and hands for easy viewing. This model has a white face with bold black numbers, a gray bezel and black leather band.
Battery Type: CR2032

NOTE: Atomic Radio-Controlled NIST Time-Setting Function is ONLY available in:
1) USA (excluding Alaska and Hawaii); 2) United Kingdom; 3) Germany; and 4) Japan.
However, the time is easily set manually wherever there is no accessible atomic signal.

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