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Retractable Uni-Ball Gel Impact Pen Refill Black

Retractable Uni-Ball Gel Impact Pen Refill (Black)

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Refresh favorite old pens with these pen refills, which contain acid-free, water-resistant and fade-resistant ink. These pens have a thicker-than-average point size, making them a great solution for writers with low vision. Uni-ball gel Impact pen refills are compatible with Impact gel pens, sold here at Adaptations.

* Compatible ONLY with uni-ball Impact pens (retractable pen - https://adaptations.org/products/wr4082)
*Gel ink refill, black color
* Point size: 1mm, bold point
* Two refills per pack
* Thick, vibrant lines always make a bold statement
* Exclusive pigment-based ink forms an indelible bond in paper, for intense coloration and document security