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The Versa Slate is a braille slate that is paperless and erasable. It works just like a regular slate and stylus, but without paper. It features 4 rows of 20 cells each, and a magnetic stylus that is built into the side of the unit for easy storage.

Also check out our Versa Slate protective cases for protection against drops and scratches.

How it Works

The Versa functions like any other braille slate, but without the need for paper. Simply use the included stylus to make braille, and flip over the slate to read it. When you want to clear all or part of the slate, press one of the buttons.

The slate has 2 sets of 4 buttons along the top and bottom of the reading side of the unit. There is a button above and below each group of 5 cells. Press the top and bottom buttons together to erase the dots from section of the slate. You can also gently push single pins down to erase a specific dot. We recommend doing this with a finger, not the stylus.

Versa Slate for Education

The Versa Slate is an excellent tool for teaching braille as well as slate and stylus skills. The dots on the slate are easier to press than a typical stylus with paper. And since the lines are erasable, students can practice as much as they want without going through lots of paper or needing to line up a traditional slate.

Versa Slate for Travel

The slate is great for taking down a quick note or phone number while on the road. If someone gives you a phone number while you're on the phone, it's much easier to have another device handy to jot down that important information. Or, pull out your slate during a meeting to take a quick note without disturbing the meeting or letting others know what you're writing.


This product comes with a one year warranty against defects. The warranty does not cover damage due to misuse or abuse.