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Ladies Talking Watch with Expansion Band - Gold (Dual Voice)

Ladies Talking Watch with Expansion Band - Gold (Dual Voice)

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With just one button, this watch announces the time, month, day, date, year and has an alarm! Everything but the kitchen sink!

* Women's talking watch with the option to have the time spoken in either a male or female voice
* A gold tone surround with a clean white dial, bold black numbers and blue sapphire colored second hand for easy reading
* Includes expansion band and battery
* Expansion band is easy to put on and take off, and is tapered for a comfortable fit

*Please read* It is important to note that this watch has a stem, but the stem should not be used to set the time on the face of the talking watch. Follow the instructions to set the voice, and the hands automatically catch up. A paper copy of the instructions are included with the purchase, and video instructions are available here: https://timeoptics.com/product-instructions .